Welcome to the STARTUP SIGNUP!

Please scroll down for the questionnaire but allow the platform to load for a while as we're still in beta and the engine is quite complicated.

While you wait, here's what happens next:
  1. You can create your profile and describe your startup in complex and nuanced ways, the list of questions is extensive to allow us to fine-tune the matching and feedback. We use every bit of the data you provide to benefit you. We show you all questions at once not in a Typeform series so that you can feel free to jump around and fill out those that concern you most first. The form starts with more static and unchangeable questions about the nature of the business and the market, then moves on to more dynamic questions about the traction and financials.You can also just fill out the beginning to test this out and finish up later - none of the questions are mandatory to be able to submit.
  2. Based on your answers we will also provide your startup with personalised feedback that helps you compare yourself to other startups and investor preferences and gives suggestions on how to increase your chances of raising capital. This an especially useful exercise to get inside investors' heads before starting to fundraise.
  3. Your startup is also matched with investors based on their preferences on the platform and we will display the names of those for whom you are in top three to you once you log in with the credentials you create. To those investors we will display only your Name, Geography, Sector and Business Model (by clicking Submit below you agree to this information being shared with those you're matched to and that you agree to our user agreement and privacy policy).  Once you indicate you would like to proceed with a given investor and they indicate they would like to proceed with you, only then will we display the confidential information to the investor. Once they indicate they're interested based on that, we will facilitate a connection between the two parties. You can share the investor signup link with all your target investors and they can find out how closely you match their preferences.  

Let's get started!